CNC lathe with back-side feeding/unloading device
Product Name : CNC lathe with back-side feeding/unloading device
Product No : HC-20N-J
Product Description
  1. Suitable for turning (drilling /tapping) screw-type shaft tails ends.
  2. Suitable workpiece feeding length: about 100~190mm
  3. The maximum outer diameter of turning is φ18mm.
  4. The way of loading / unloading material: from the back-side of spindle.
  5. The slide way of parts catcher is equipped with a safety detection system to prevent material jamming issues.
MODELHC-20N CNC lathe with back-side feeding/unloading device
Swing over cross bed(mm) 150
Max. turning dia(mm) φ18
 Turning length(mm) 100~190
Spindle motor(KW) 3.9
Spindle rotating speed(rpm) 4500
X/Z-axis travel(mm) 220 / 185
X/Z rapid travel speed(m/min) 30
X/Z-axis servo motor(KW) 1
X-axis Ballscrew φ28  pitch10 
Z-axis Ballscrew φ28  pitch10 
Bore of spindle(mm) φ22
Collet chuck  YB20
Max. bar feeding dia.(mm) φ20
O.D. turning tool size □20
I.D. turning tool size φ20
Coolant tank volume(L) 110
Cutting coolant pump(HP) 1/4
Approx. machine net weight(KGS) 1250
Approx. machine size(L×W×H)(mm) 2600 x 1250 x 1800
Coolant tank volume(L) 90
Coolant pump for spindle(HP) 1/4

The above specifications and values are based on Gang-type CNC lathe.
If there are other optional devices, the specifications and values will be different.

 Standard accessories   Optional accessories  N/A

MODELHC-20N CNC lathe with back-side feeding/unloading device
YB20 Collet
Gang type tool plate
Tool holder for inner hole (IDØ20)
Tool holder bush (I.D.Ø6,8,10,12,16 / O.D.Ø20)
Lower tool holder ☐20
Twin tool holder ☐20
8 position servo turret
Lighting device
Tools and tool box
Base leveling block
Auto lubrication system
No-material alarm indicating lamp
Coolant system and chip basket tank
Belt break detection device of spindle
Powerful coolant pump 1HP
Voltage stabilizer
Electrical screw type chip conveyor
CE specifications
Finished-parts collecting device
Automatic bar feeder
Hydraulic cylinder detection device with coolant
SYNTEC 6TA controller
Follow rest
Long workpiece parts catcher
(opt.) Follow rest

(opt.) Electrical steel belt type chip conveyor
(std.) Upper&Lower tool holder

(std.) Lighting device

(std.) Tools and tools box

(std.) Tool holder bush

(std.) Parts catcher

(opt.) Manual single bar feeding device

(opt.) Air-receiver

(std.) SYNTEC controller 

(opt.) Electrical screw type chip conveyor

(opt.) LNC controller 

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