About Us

JARNG YEONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was founded in 1978, is a Taiwan-based professional manufacturer specializing in the production of CNC lathes and cam automatic lathes. Since company’s establishment, all the personnel adhere to professionalism, service enthusiasm, integrity, and attentive attitude as the core values, while attentively listening to the customers' needs. We provide high-quality lathes and efficient services with excellent efficiency.

In an effort to break away from the traditional image of manufacturing industry, JARNG YEONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD established the GREENWAY brand in 2011, aiming to venture into new market avenue with a fresh and vibrant image.

Main Products
Swiss-Type CNC Lathes, Slant-Bed CNC Lathes, Gang-type economical CNC Lathes, Turret type CNC lathes, CNC Lathes with Gantry Loader or other loading/unloading devices, Cam Type Automatic Lathes

Application Fields
GREENWAY's CNC lathes and cam automatic lathes find extensive applications in various industries, including industrial hardware, automotive and motorcycle, bicycle, tooling, shipbuilding, medical, textile machinery, and jewelry industries.

GREENWAY is backed by a complete set of machining equipment and an excellent professional team. All processes, including design, machining, assemble and quality inspection are carried out in-house to ensure rigorous quality control. Company’s CNC lathes and Cam type auto lathes are distributed worldwide, spanning across more than 40 countries.

Pre-purchase Services
A. Evaluation of Drawings, Cycle time and Processes.
We provide various evaluation services to assist customers in enhancing machine processing efficiency and increasing production capacity according to customers’ needs.

B. Sample setting & Inspection (fee standards based on machine model)
Following an initial drawing assessment, GREENWAY can provide actual cutting based on customers’ requirements, offering samples for quality inspection to give customers peace of mind when making a purchase.

Delivery and After-Sales Service
We value and cherish each customer supporting GREENWAY. With every machine sold, we provide the most efficient after-sales service to address issues promptly and being the best support for our customers.