JYN-42 Turret Type CNC Lathe
JYN-42 Turret Type CNC Lathe
JYN-42 Turret Type CNC Lathe
Product Name : Turret Type CNC Lathe
Product No : JYN-42
Product Description
  1. Bar capacity: Ø42mm
  2. A2-5 spindle can work with 6”hydraulic chuck.
  3. 10 position hydraulic turret.
  4. Optional tailstock, suitable for processing long and heavy workpiece.
  5. New Optional Accessories:Grinding device & Automatic sand-rubbed finish device, to follow next grinding process to improve productivity and high precision production.
Swing over cross bed(mm) 400
Max turning dia.(mm) Ø210
Max turning length(mm) 310 (Opt. tailstock)
X-axis travel(mm) 250
Z-axis travel(mm) 400
X rapid travel speed(m/min) 20
Z rapid travel speed(m/min) 20
Spindle rotation speed(rpm) 50-4500
Hydraulic chuck(inch) 6"
Collet chuck C44 / 173E
Bore of spindle(mm) Ø45
Max. bar feeding dia.(mm) Ø42
X、Z-axis servo motor(KW) 1
Hydraulic turret(POS.) 10
O.D. turning tool size(mm) 口20
I.D. turning tool size(mm) Ø20
Coolant tank volume(L) 120
Powerful coolant pump (HP) 1
Main-spindle motor(HP) 7.5 (10 opt)
Approx. machine net weight(KGS) 2450
Approx. machine size(L×W×H)(mm) 2050×1500×1700

 Standard accessories   Optional accessories  N/A

A2-5 Spindle 
6" 3-jaw Hydraulic Chuck or Collet Chuck (choose one)
Soft Jaw or C44 collet (choose one)
Lighting device 
Tool plate
10-position hydraulic turret
Tool spacer (up / down)
Tool holder for inner hole (I.D.Ø20)
Tool base for inner hole (I.D.Ø20)
Tool holder bush (I.D.Ø6,8,10,12,16 / O.D.Ø20)
Auto lubrication system
Upper tool holder 20口/Lower tool holder 20口/Twin tool holder 20口
Finished-parts collecting device
Coolant device & chip basket tank
Powerful coolant pump 1HP
No-material alarm indicating lamp
Tools and tool box
Base leveling block
Air cooler for electrical box
Heat exchanger for electrical box
Voltage stabilizer
Bar-puller (Auto link)
Oil mist recycle device
CE specifications
Syntec 22TA controller
Upper tool holder 20口/Lower tool holder 20口
Tools and tool box
Tool holder for inner hole(IDØ20)
Tool holder bush(IDØ6,8,10,12,16~ODØ20)
Coolant system and chip basket tank with 1/4HP pump
Bar-puller (Autolink)
Closed air cooler
1HP powerful coolant pump
Soft Jaw
No-material alarm indication lamp
Base leveling block
Twin tool holder 20x20口
Voltage stabilizer
A2-5 6 inch 3-jaw Hydraulic Chuck
CE specifications
Automatic parts collector and conveyor belt
Quartz illuminator
Auto lubrication system
Oil mist recycle device
SYNTEC 900T+10.4 inch TFT LCD monitor
Gang type tool plate

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