CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader
CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader
CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader
CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader
CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader
CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader
CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader
Product Name : CNC Lathe with Gantry Loader
Product No : HC-30R
Product Description
  1. Features:high speed, high precision, enhancing the productivity and quality. 
  2. It can machine workpieces all day continuously to save manpower.
  3. Dual-spindle adopts servo control, with superiority in high speed and high precision for single blank workpiece loading.
  4. It can work with different types of feeder station based on customer’s feeding requirement on blank materials.
  5. Gantry Loader uses remote control interface, owing professional hand –held touchscreen with clear interface, fool-proof design, and guide with teaching.
  6. Gantry Loader is on top of machine. The design can extend lifetime of auto loading /unloading system and decrease the consumption cost.
  7. Various possibilities for production line lineage according to process plan.
  8. We, GREENWAY can also provide the relative assistance if customer has remote monitoring requirement.
MODELHC-30R + Gantry Loader
Swing over cross bed(mm) 300
Standard turning dia.(mm) 110
Max turning length(mm) 150
Max turning dia.(mm) 250
X-axis travel(mm) 350
Z-axis travel(mm) 250
X rapid travel speed(m/min) 20
Z rapid travel speed(m/min) 16
Spindle rotation speed(rpm) 50-6000
Bore of spindle(mm) 33Ø
Max. bar feeding DIA.(mm) 30Ø
O.D. turning tool size 口20
I.D. turning tool size 20Ø
Coolant tank volume(L) 120
Coolant pump for spindle(HP) 1/4
collet chuck 163E
Spindle motor(KW) 3.75 (5.5 opt)
X、Z-axis servo motor(KW) 0.85
Hydraulic chuck(inch) 5"
Machine net weight(Kgs) 2260
Machine size L×W×H 2810×1350×2280

Feed Station Species:

  1. Pallet type work feeder station
  2. Vibration barrel work feeder station
  3. Rotary lifting work piece station
  4. And other types of work feeder station, depends on customer's requirement to custom-made.


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