JY-105 Auto Lathe
Product Name : Auto Lathe
Product No : JY-105
Product Description
  1. Efficient processing of small parts
  2. the machine is affordable, Price-performance ratio is excellent
  3. the base is widened with high stable and rigidity

Additional files

Number of tool(pcs) 5
Number of tail-shaft(pcs) 1
Max. diameter of processing(mm) Ø15
Max. length of processing for tool No.1(mm) 30
Max. diameter of drilling(mm) Ø8
Max. diameter of tapping(free cutting steel) M5
Max. diameter of tapping(free cutting brass) M6
Spindle rotation speed(rpm) 2150~5870
The conversion of spindle rotary speed(step) 5
Cam shaft speed(rpm) 1.9~25.8
The conversion of cam rotary speed(step) 15
Main-spindle motor(HP) 2
Coolant pump for spindle(HP) 1/4
Approx. net weight(kgs) 750
Approx. machine size(L×W×H)(mm) 1550×700×1550

 Standard accessories   Optional accessories  N/A

Lighting device 12V/6W
Machine adjust cams
Tools & tool box
Dies holder φ20
Ahead-rear acrylic oil splash prevention cover
Ahead-rear steel plate oil splash prevention cover
Chip loading bucket 35L
1/4HP coolant pump
Cooling oil box 50L
Loading bucket oil splash prevention board
No material auto stop device
Non-Tapping stop device
Jaw stand lower cover
Manual bar feeding device
Slot milling device

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