JY-32H/42H Auto Lathe
JY-32H/42H Single Bar Feeding Device
Product Name : Auto Lathe
Product No : JY-32H/42H
Product Description
  1. Equipped with variable speed spindle and high-torque DC variable speed control cam
  2. with inverter main-spindle motor , the tapping adopts with forward and reverse way to reach the high-toque tapping
  3. Equipped with long travel tapping device, cam suspended while tapping
  4. it's easy to set up the machine from the front and back to increase the efficiency
  5. air-cooled tank Devices and high-efficiency rotary hollow cylinder
  6. Large space design, worpieces, chips easy to handle

Additional files

Number of tool 5 5
Number of tail-shaft 2 2
Max. diameter of processing(mm) 32Ø 42Ø
Max. length of processing for tool No.1 75 75
Max. diameter of drilling(mm) 20Ø 20Ø
Max. diameter of tapping(free cutting steel) M20 M20
Max. diameter of tapping(free cutting brass) M30 M30
Spindle rotation speed(rpm) 50-3000 50-3000
The conversion of spindle rotary speed variable speed variable speed
Cam shaft speed variable speed variable speed
The conversion of cam rotary speed variable speed variable speed
Main-spindle motor 3 5
Cam shaft motor 1 1
Coolant pump for spindle(HP) 1/4 1/4
Machine net weight(Kgs) 1450 1600
Machine size L×W×H(mm) 2100×1000×1800 2100×1000×1800

 Standard accessories   Optional accessories  N/A

Quartz illuminator 12V/20W
Machine adjust cams
Tools & tool box
Dies holder
Muffler device
Hollow Rotary Hydraulic Cylinder
Cooling oil box 60L
Chip loading bucket 40L
Hydraulic unit with air cooling device
Finished parts catcher and box
No material auto stop device
Automatic lubrication with abnormal alarms system
Fully enclosed Acrylic splash guard
Manual device for cam forward & backward movement
Manual bar feeding device
1/4HP coolant pump
Thread milling device/Polygon device

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