JY-1525EL GREENWAY Auto Lathe
JY-1525EL GREENWAY Auto Lathe
JY-1525EL GREENWAY Auto Lathe
JY-1525EL GREENWAY Auto Lathe
JY-1525EL GREENWAY Auto Lathe
JY-1525EL GREENWAY Auto Lathe
JY-1525EL GREENWAY Auto Lathe
Product Name : Special-Purpose Automatic Lathe
Product No : JY-1525EL
Product Description

(for long-workpiece)

  1. Length of workpiece can be adjusted easily and operate stably owing to long shaft center design, besides, the machine combines the advantage of NC control and Cam-type lathe’s rapid processing.
  2. Two chucks of design which is installed sub-chuck for auxiliary clamping, makes cutting surface end-side without burr.
  3. Speed rate is using independent control and it is suitable for machining hard materials; length of workpiece is controlled by servo slide that can have multistage setting and the highest can be 10 positions.
  4. There is synchronous turning function in the machine which can process round, hexagonal bars. Tool No.4 can insert the groove of workpiece, it can change width and depth of groove, it's more convenient for processing.
  5. Using rear side parts catcher, it can separate finished workpiece from chips and also equips with chip conveyor for dealing with finished workpiece conveniently.
  6. The machine is with NC controller that is concise and clear on operation panel for operation and setting easily, it’s also with alarm indicating that is more helpful for troubleshooting.
  7. Electric control is using PLC programmable, operation flexible, and including cooling device which can keep machining working for a long time.
  8. Closed type of machine cover design can prevent from oil spill and keep the neatly clean of working environments.

Additional files

Number of tool (pcs) 5
O.D of processing (mm) Ø5-14
Length of processing (mm)

175-350 (standard)

100-350 (opt)

Max. length of processing for tool No.1 (mm) 50
Max. length of processing for tool No.5 (mm) 35
Tool No.4 Servo motor (w) 400
Spindle rotation Max. speed (rpm) 3500
Spindle motor (HP) 1.5
Cam shaft motor (HP) 2
The conversion of cam rotary speed (step) 30
Machining oil pump motor (HP) 1/4
Machine net weight (Kgs) 1000
Machine dimension L×W×H (mm) 1800×850×1800
  1. LED Lighting device
  2. Tools box with adjustable tool
  3. Full cover acrylic oil splash cover
  4. Cooling oil box 50L
  5. Chip loading bucket 35L
  6. Sub-chuck
  7. Servo slide unit
  8. Atmospheric pressure jaw
  9. Part conveyer
  10. Automatic lubrication system
  11. Finished-part plate
  12. Synchronous device

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