JD-213/1326 Drill Re-Sharpening Machine
Product Name : Drill Re-Sharpening Machine
Product No : 1
Product Description


1. This machine has the " CE safety authentication ".

2. Operates is fast and simple. The quality is stable.

3. Point Angle 90°~135°.(Generally is suitable 118°)

4. Chisel edge grinding. Can adjusting by your demand.

    (Generally is suitable 0.7mm)

5. It's the first to research and development "up to down"

    swinging grinding way.

    The finished drill is sharpest, and the most durable.

MODELDrill Re-Sharpening Machine
Drill diameter Ø2.0 ~ Ø13
Point angle 118°~135°
Power supply AC-100V or AC-220V
R.P.M of motor 52,000 R.P.M
Grinding wheel CBN #170
Net weight AC-110V:8.5kgs AC-220V:10kgs

Standard Accessories :

  • ER-20 Collet Ø2~Ø13mm x 11pcs
  • Collet Holder x 1 unit
  • Hexagon wrench 4mm x 1 pcs
  • Hexagon wrench 6mm x 1 pcs

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